Incredity 2020 Year in Review

In the midst of an unstable world, Incredity has worked tirelessly through 2020 to set the standard for trust in the world of vulnerability and exploit intelligence. Our goal is to bring greater transparency, accountability, and integrity to the zero-day market, and we are well on our way.

Our Clients

In 2020, we presented a clearer vision of our clientele. We work with direct government agencies in Europe and the Five Eyes countries with the mission of protecting those who defend our national security. Our is a serious endeavor, and we are focused on partnering with those whose work matters to the countless lives they protect.

We set out to find a new way to maximize the value side of the equation by minimizing risk and complexity. We chose our clientele carefully, working only with direct government intelligence agencies within the EU and the Five Eyes countries. It is our mission to protect those who defend our national security, knowing that they live in a world of critical challenges, including complexity, value, and risk. We developed our premium vulnerability and exploit intelligence exchange platform to work with zero-day exploits and bridge the gap between top-tier security researchers and government intelligence agencies.

2020 saw us take many critical steps toward making our vision become a reality.

February 2020 - Out of Stealth Mode

In February of 2020, we came out of the shadows as a sponsor of OffensiveCon2020 in Berlin. There we hosted a booth to speak with security researchers and intelligence clients. This was a golden opportunity to get honest feedback on our mission and future plans. We gained invaluable insights regarding our next steps forward.


The Incredity Research Partner Program

In 2020 Incredity began to reach out to gifted research partners within the zero-day space to offer first-rate remuneration in exchange for the highest standards of strategic intelligence capabilities. Our specific target portfolio includes everything from sophisticated, unique fuzzing infrastructures to research projects and more. It covers Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, instant messaging, tactical, browsers, web servers, and more.

The program offers top-tier security researchers more than just financial rewards. We also protect our partners with complimentary legal support that includes legal analysis and advice. Incredity is headquartered in Munich, Germany, home to some of the most respected privacy standards. This is all part of bringing transparency, accountability, and integrity to the field.

Our Verification Process

Incredity has developed a non-official clearance verification process to protect our clients and partners. For new partners, we will assist you in gathering any and all information we may need to make this process as smooth as possible. It can often be completed in just a couple of days. Known security researchers with past experience are often work through the process faster, though this is not a requirement.

Once the verification process is complete, researchers become Incredity Research Partners and they can exchange bugs and exploits with Incredity, receive guidance, get legal advice, and attend exclusive events.

Incredity Research Program Admissions

In 2020, we received 33 applications. Of those, only 17 were accepted, with the rest being rejected because they did not clear our verification process.

2020 Submissions

As we look back at 2020, the most exciting part is looking back on the submissions we received. Among the submissions, most were in the categories of IoT and web apps even though these aren't part of our Incredity Target Portfolio. Browsers, iOS, and hypervisors also saw a significant number of submissions from our partners.


Our Research Continues

We continue to develop innovative and unique cyber defense and intelligence solutions. Some examples of our applied research include:

  • Leveraging ML-models to detect hardware supply-chain attacks at scale
  • Innovative approach to digital device-level forensics
  • Automatic exploit generation infrastructure for exploit developers
  • Detecting high-risk identities at border-less areas

Forecast for 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, Incredity has even bigger goals for the year ahead in 2021. We are serious about our mission, and it is time to turn our eyes to a more global vision – a DARPA Equivalent cybersecurity vision. Why now? Because now is the time for Europe to have its own DARPA equivalent, and Incredity was built to fill this need.

Worldwide, the threat of cyber terrorism continues to grow. Advancement in technology makes it more critical than ever for the intelligence community to discover threats before they emerge. Preventative measures must be a part of the innovation of strategic analysis, monitoring, and decision making. We need to engage with the brightest minds in security research to halt the next attack before it begins. At Incredity, our extensive experience within the global intelligence community, our state-of-the-art research and development programs, our advanced technology, and our team of dedicated partners position us to enable government intelligence clients to develop new strategies to protect their people in an ever-changing and volatile world.