We founded Incredity because we believe the world of vulnerability and exploit intelligence needs greater transparency, accountability and integrity to enhance trust

Incredity is a premium vulnerability and exploit intelligence exchange platform, which secures the bridge between top-tier security researchers and government intelligence clients within the EU and the Five Eyes.

Headquartered in Germany, one of the world’s most respected markets for its data and privacy standards and home to the strictest export control policies, we have made it our mission to set a standard of trust.

Focused on creating the world’s most trusted exchange platform for zero-day vulnerabilities, exploits, bugs and fuzzers. To achieve this, we go over and above in our self-compliance as well as providing legal analysis and advice to everyone we work with as standard.

We set these high standards because we believe in devoting our talent and technology to creating a superior platform for exchanging vulnerabilities and exploits and contributing to a global society that runs on trust. 

Incredity is proud to reward original and long-lasting vulnerability and exploit intelligence with first-rate remuneration.

Our Journey

One year ago, our excellence team collaborated to understand how we can make the world of vulnerabilities and exploits exchange to be much more trusted.

We came to the conclusion that we need greater transparency, accountability, and integrity to enhance trust.

One year after, we have joined forces with top-tier export control compliance experts with the most respected global ex-military intelligence members.

Incredity is a superior platform for exchanging vulnerabilities and exploits with a sole purpose, contributing to a global society that runs on trust.

We are Incredity, the most trusted, Germany based platform to set the standard for trust and integrity.