dotsSecurity Interests Protected

As part of our market-leading compliance procedure, we validate the origin of all security researchers and require them to verify the exclusive exchange of their research to other government intelligence clients.

We also provide legal analysis and advice to everyone we work with as a complementary service.

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dotsBespoke Intelligence

Our ex-military intelligence security analysts fully research and test each vulnerability and exploit we handle, and our advanced technical capabilities can provide in-depth intel in response to the most demanding enquiries.

That way, we ensure government intelligence clients understand the technical details of the vulnerabilities and exploits.

Who We Are

dotsInvestments Maximised

We on-board all government intelligence clients with initial on-site training that coaches you in best-practice vulnerability and exploit management, in addition to providing around-the-clock access to actionable security intelligence, advice and maintenance.

And our three-sales limit per exchange extends the shelf-life of the vulnerabilities and exploits acquired through our platform.

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dotsSolutions in 6 Secure Steps

Solutions in 6 Secure Steps
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  • 1. Due-diligenceIncredity starts the due-diligence process, following a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

  • 5. AnalysisYou analyse the vulnerability or exploit and perform acceptance tests.

  • 4. SupportIncredity sends an official licence-agreement alongside our 24/7 support and maintenance offer.

  • 3. InterestYou express an interest in a vulnerability or exploit from our Intelligence Stream.

  • 2. ConsiderationIncredity initiates an exploit intelligence strategy at the clients premises

  • 6. PaymentIncredity receives payment.