dotsFrequently Asked Questions

What is Incredity?

Incredity is a vulnerability and exploit intelligence exchange platform on a mission to set the standard for trust and integrity

What is the Incredity Standard?

The Incredity Standard is an innovative protocol for vulnerability and exploit exchange. Our vast experience and collaboration with top-tier export control compliance experts set the highest standard for most respected compliance regulations. This protocol takes into account every aspect of the process by maximizing the value and minimizing the risk & complexity. We set this high bar because we believe in devoting our talent and technology to create a superior platform for exchanging vulnerabilities and exploits as well as contributing to a global society that runs on trust

Where Incredity is based?

We are headquartered in Munich, Germany. We warmly welcome security researchers to come to our office to discuss and collaborate on innovative security research projects

What type of projects Incredity is interested?

We are interested in fully-weaponized zeroday exploits as well as incomplete weaponized vulnerabilities for multiple platforms and browsers. We are interested also in innovative research infrastructures (e.g fuzzing optimizations, mitigations bypass, etc.)

How Incredity reward its security researchers?

We reward the most gifted security researchers with the bounties they deserve, so they can continue their important and increasingly challenging work. We comply with all financial regulations and payments are wired from our bank in Germany in EURO currency

Could you wire me my payment in crypto-currency?

Due to financial regulations, we cannot do payments with crypto-currency and we only work with EUROS

How Incredity protect its security research partners?

We provide legal analysis and advise on the exchange of vulnerabilities and exploits as a complementary service

What is Incredity Research Partner Program?

Our exclusive top 1% security research community

How does Incredity Research Partner Program benefits you?

We provide legal analysis and advice, business collaboration on valuable security research initiatives, the ability to exchange with Incredity zero day vulnerabilities and exploits, exclusive events, etc.

How do I submit a project?

Securely contact us to get more information